From Chutney to Soca

From Chutney to Soca

Nishard Mayrhoo, popularly known as Nishard M, has again stepped out from his comfort zone, this time entering into the soca arena.

His hit “iDey” carries with it the catchy, groovy rhythm of Barbados.

It was written by Drea Musiq and produced by fellow Barbadian music genius DwayneGerous (keyboardist for T&T’s very own Soca King Machel Montano).

Nishard M’s move to portray the true essence of the Caribbean led him to record the song in Barbados.

Since its release over a week ago, “iDey” has already dominated the airwaves with numerous requests from music lovers.

“I released it online last Saturday night (January 14) via social media and it immediately took off. I have had very good responses, given the fact that I love and welcome criticisms.

“I have to be honest, I have only gotten 100 per cent positiveness,” the 29-year-old entertainer said during an interview with the Sunday Guardian.

Mayrhoo said this year was the “right timing” for him to take that brave step forward into another genre of music, one that he was always anxious to taste musically.

“At the age of eight I started off my singing career and was known for Bollywood songs cover versions.

“In 2008, I started singing with 3Veni (now known as KI the Band) and in 2015, I stepped out from that comfort zone to chutney soca and now this year, to soca,” Mayrhoo said.

“This hit is all about vibes. Happiness. It is a fun, free-spirited song that anyone could imagine themselves in,” he added.

Mayrhoo is expected to release more soca hits later in the year, just in time for the July/August school break.

Currently, he is putting a little more focus on fine-tuning his first ever chutney soca video for his 2017 chutney soca hit Mr Take Yuh Gyal.

Some of the scenes that made the video were the refreshing ocean Down the Islands onboard a yacht to Mayrhoo’s state-of-the-art studio at his home in San Fernando. It is expected to be released this week.

For the past three years, Mayrhoo took part in the Chutney Soca Monarch (CSM) with improvements from fifth place in the first year to third position in the second year, and copping second place last year.

This year would be his fourth appearance on the CSM stage and he would be vying for the 2017 title.

It is going to be another busy year for Mayrhoo as he joins with KI the Band and Neval Chatelal.

They are already booked for some of Carnival’s biggest fetes.

They will also be on tour to several countries including Guyana, London, United States, Canada, Suriname, and Barbados tentatively for the Crop Over festival.

Being employed for five years at the T&T Electricity Commission, Mayrhoo decided to tender his resignation to take that leap of faith, entering the music industry full-time, mainly because of his genuine passion.

However, it was not an easy decision for him as his loved ones at home were not fully supportive.

“No one in my family is anywhere close to being musically inclined.

“I was raised believing that music cannot bring me any kind of success but I proved all wrong. I even made it to second place in the CSM, winning $750,000, which I used wisely through investments.

“My family is proud and I am proud that I never gave up my dream,” Mayrhoo said.

Mayrhoo is moving full steam ahead, penetrating the music industry by trying out as much genres of music as he could.

His aim is to reintroduce that creativity that is now evidently lacking in the chutney soca industry.

Recently, there have been objections from members of the chutney fraternity on the reusing of Bollywood melodies.

Whilst he does not see it as much of a problem to use these melodies in songs, Mayrhoo said it was being overdone.

“Using the Bollywood melodies in odd instances, like once in a while, is ok, but it’s really being overdone and this is where creativity is lacking. Maybe some artistes think if they gravitate towards the use of these melodies that they will gain ground in the public’s eyes, but we cannot allow the industry to be a spin-off of something else,” Mayrhoo said.

Sunil Dyal

January 22nd, 2017

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